Photography being a passion, I have garnered over two decades of professional experience in my selected field. With the domains of architecture and interior design as the mainstay of my career, I also enjoy travel, wildlife and lifestyle photography. Food and Fashion pose unique challenges in colour and composition. People are of course the most interesting to photograph; the challenge being to capture the multitude of expressions and unique mannerisms of each individual.

My personal explorations in still-life and abstracts nurture the artist in me. Using digital imaging techniques and playing with colour corrections, each photograph is rendered as a masterpiece.

Over the years I have worked with several leading publications and been commissioned prestigious shoots in India and abroad. My work has taken me to fabulous destinations and I have met some very interesting and dynamic people in my journey so far.

My philosophy of life and work converge at a highly simplistic point – that there is no substitute for hard work. The starting point of my career was through my father, the late Mr. Dayaram Chawda a noted photographer of his time. Before starting off on my own I assisted him on many projects and shoots.

Photography has been taken seriously as an art form, very recently in India. Creative photography is a genre that every photographer thrives to explore. It is perhaps the most liberating experience in the world to “create”… and the creation inspires you to move to the next level, to a newer territory, to an unexplored realm. The process is rewarding and satisfying.

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