"At first 'shot', you'd think he was a little eccentric - and then you realize - He IS... in the very BEST way... :) - Sameer is a bundle of energy when he has his camera in his hand and takes no prisoners while he is clicking away! I witnessed him in action and am a proud owner of photographs he has clicked of my work and he has just made it look better without taking away its essence at any time!!!" Cheers!!!

- Ameet Mirpuri (Vishakhapatnam)

"Sameer Chawda has been doing professional photography since 1993. The plethora of work done by him exemplifies his personal journey as a photographer; a journey I have personally witnessed since 1997. From among the many people I have come across during the course of my career, Sameer stands out for his simplicity and sincerity. The same two qualities make him a fine photographer as well as a great friend."

- Ar. Roopa Sabnis Pinge, Author/Editor/Design Critic, Mumbai

"It was great working with Sameer. As well as providing excellent photographs, he took time and care to ensure that what was required, was completed relardless of how long it took, with the photos being delivered to us on a priority! He goes the extra mile to help you with what it would take to get the best shots. He was also very pleasant to work with and comes highly recommended."

- Keya Karwankar, The Birth Place Hospital

"A photographer is one who finds the aesthetics of design and captures it in one shot. to rephrase the statement- beauty definitely lies in the eyes of the person behind the lens. i've seen Sameer find it in our architecture. he has the sensitive, quick and a very patient approach for capturing the best of designs."

- Pradeepthi I S, D A Studios3

"Sameer Chawda was one of the first photographers I was introduced to when we launched TRENDS three years ago. We instantly hit it off and since then there has been no looking back. I found in him a thorough professional, a friend and a saviour who came to my rescue whenever I was in a fix. Having worked with him on several projects, I have not only got to see and learn many things about photography but have also learned what it is that goes behind the scenes to get that 'perfect' shot. I have to admit, this man doesn't give up till he doesn't get it 100% right. 99% doesnt work for him. And this is what I like about him. He never gives up. He will continue trying till he doesn't get the perfection he keeps seeking. And this go-getter attitude is not only contagious but very inspiring too. My shoot with him at Landour, Dehradun was one of the best times I have ever had. I still cherish every moment of it. As for his work, there are very few people who can match upto it. He is definitely amongst the best architectural and interior design photographers we have around. And I am glad we are associated with him. Sameer, I wish you all the luck and success and many many more feathers in your cap. All the very best!!!!!!!"

- Kamna Malik, Features Editor, TRENDS.

"Photography is a powerful medium of expression and communications and offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution. Pictures taken by Sameer speak more than words. His enthusiasm when he shoots is overwhelming and with his total command over position and timing the end result is not just a picture but a piece of art."

- Harish Lakhani (Hyderabad)